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We make LEDs.
But above all, we make SOLUTIONS.
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     At Acolyte Industries, we create fully integrated LED lighting systems with the highest standards of quality control and customer service to help and assist our clients with their lighting needs. We make our own materials including our own proprietary phosphor, at our Shenzhen, China factory allowing us to provide LED lighting solutions for every application.

     Through our collaboration with international designers, our products can be found in major installations worldwide.  Our industry-leading Ribbonlyte delivers true, accurate color at all color temperatures with double the run length versus the competition.  We offer custom design and fabrication, as well as a full line of fixtures, controls and mounting accessories, all with world-class customer service.  ​

     We began with a Vision. Acolyte's founder and CEO, JR Guerrieri, had known for years that white LEDs were the way of the future. Since its inception in 1992, Acolyte's focus has been on advancing the capabilities of LED lighting technology and introducing LEDs to the world.

     JR began transforming the fashion, event, floral and hospitality markets when he pioneered battery operated LED lighting. The VotiveLyte and FloraLyte products were one of his first inventions and patents. The world's first battery operated flameless candle revolutionized the industry as they knew it and the HD24, a wireless-controlled RGB entertainment wash fixture, provided a cooler, more efficient way to light the world.

     In 2005, Acolyte continued to innovate as the architectural lighting line was formed and has been the company’s focus ever since. The StripLyte began this evolution and has continued with RibbonLyte, the High Output LyteBar and many more cutting-edge LED lighting solutions.

     One of Acolyte’s primary goals is to "Never Stop Innovating." In 2011, Acolyte debuted Variable White RibbonLyte. This flexible LED lighting simulates a wide range of white lighting from sunrise to sunset (dawn to dusk). Designers have always been ecstatic over this product as they “never needed to specify a color temperature again.”


     A discovery from the dawn to dusk effect was circadian lighting, which has been a major development in the science and study of the "body clock" within the health and wellness industry.


     Acolyte continued to transformed the lighting scene when in 2012 it introduced Incandescent LED. At 2400 Kelvin, Incandescent LED reproduces the amber hues and warmth of incandescent light.


     Headquartered in the heart of New York City, Acolyte serves a worldwide customer base with a production and assembly facility in New Jersey and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. The Acolyte international presence has grown to include sales offices in Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. 


Acolyte products include but are not limited to:
  • Cove Lighting

  • Under Cabinet and Bar Lighting

  • Wall Grazing

  • Closet Lighting

  • Exterior Accent Lighting

  • Exterior and High Power

  • Direct and Indirect Lighting

  • Back Lighting

  • Dropped Ceiling Lighting

  • Spot Lighting

  • Entertainment & Events Lighting

  • Retail & Shop Lighting

  • Hospital & Assisted Living Lighting

  • School Lighting

  • Museum & Gallery Lighting

  • Toe Kick Lighting​

  • Channels

  • Neon Bendable Lighting

  • Ribbonlyte (LED ribbon tape)

  • Linear Fixtures

  • Pendants

  • Simply Clean™ Mud-In (recessed and corner lighting)

  • Controllers

  • Drivers

  • Decorative Lighting

  • Panel Lyte / Backlyte

  • Lighting Parts & Accessories

Want to see more? Try Atlas Lighting's Quick Reference Sheet!

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