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LEDVANCE is a worldwide leader in innovative lighting products as well as intelligent and connected lighting solutions (Smart Home). LEDVANCE emerges from the classical lighting business of OSRAM and combines traditional general illumination with modern, forward-looking lighting technology. 


In North America, we offer SYLVANIA advanced LED lamps as well as a wide range of traditional light sources, standardized luminaires and connected lighting solutions.  Their products have a beautiful, modern design; are easy to use and install; carry more and more intelligence; and save energy.  This all can help positively impact our quality of life.

Jam Lighting's most popular Sylvania Ledvance products include:
  • Led lamps and replacements 

  • Recessed retrofit trims 

  • Luminaries 

  • Ballasts 

  • Drivers


Light bulbs include:

  • LED

  • Fluorescent

  • Incandescent

  • Halogen

  • High-intensity Discharge

Want to know more? Try one of Sylvania's latest catalogs!

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