JAM LIGHTING LINE CARD FOR ELECTRO ELF (Website currently down) - http://www.electroelf.com/

Electro Elf specializes in Environmental and Turtle Safe Lighting
Electro Elf products include but are not limited to:

Turtle Safe Lighting Includes:

  • LoggerHead

  • LoggerHead 2

  • 5watt Pagoda

  • 7watt Pagoda

  • Turtle

  • Walkabout Bollard

  • Walkabout Pathlight

  • 3-Watt Amber LED

  • 6-Watt Amber LED

  • Triple Inground Spotlight

  • Double Wall Mount Spotlight

  • Post Top Spotlight

  • ½” Wall Mount Spotlight

  • Carriage Lantern

  • Mushroom

  • Knight Elf Fixtures can be mounted in trees, sides of buildings, and many other ways in a variety of colors and lens colors