JAM LIGHTING LINE CARD FOR USAI LIGHTING - http://www.usailighting.com/

Usai offers best in class integrated solutions for Armstrong Ceiling Systems.

Designing from the inside out, USAI Lighting begins with custom-designed light engines and tailors every Luminaire component to maximize performance and aesthetics.​

USAI Solutions include but are not limited to:
  • Precision Lighting

  • Sustainability

  • Dimming Compatibility

  • Replacing Traditional Sources

  • Integrated Ceilings

  • Product Choices For Every Project Type Include:

  • BeveLED 2.1

  • Small Housing- Shallowest Recessed LED Downlight Housing In The Industry


  • BeveLED Mini 3” Aperture Family Small but Powerful


  • Connect - Intersecting Downlighting – 4” TechZone