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AFX's proven strategy for developing exceptional new products is built around three driving forces...

Design - We design differently.
The “art of design” goes beyond the creation of stylish lighting products. Our designers create lighting fixtures to maximize the qualities of the latest lamp source technologies. We design to deliver the best lighting for the job...offering optimum performance, efficiency and style.

Efficiency - Our fixtures save energy.
As an active partner with ENERGY STAR®, our focus is on highly efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting...products that meet all new energy codes. Our leadership is demonstrated in our broad offering of ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures.

Technology - Where form meets function.
Our job is to make new lighting technologies make sense for you. As revolutionary breakthroughs become new industry standards, you can be assured that we will offer lighting solutions that can help you meet stringent efficiency codes with an impressive design selection to choose from.


Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005) - establishes standards for compact fluorescent lamps, linear fluorescent fixture ballasts, and establishes efficiency requirements for commercial and government buildings

Title 24 - creates stringent building standards for efficiency in residential and commercial construction in the State of California. The National Energy Conservation Policy Act (Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts Energy Conversation Standards) - requires OEMs to change over to efficient, quick starting, long life electronic ballasts in most fluorescent fixture types.


GU24 Based Lamps are a revolutionary breakthrough, as well as the new industry standard for energy efficient lamp sources. Used in residential and commercial applications, the GU24 base makes it easier for consumers to find replacement lamps for energy efficient fixtures. AFX Lighting offers a variety of GU24 lighting fixtures that can help you meet stringent energy efficient codes without compromising design or style.

LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) combine long life (50,000 hours +), low heat, and low energy consumption with a very compact, flexible size. LED technology advances bring new efficiency to fixtures, allowing smaller lighting designs and lower maintenance. AFX’s LED products create design elements for a variety of lighting applications.

T5 Linear Fluorescent lamps are the most efficient linear fluorescent lamp available today. The perfect match of efficiency and performance, AFX’s T5 fixtures provide the highest output and generate the truest colors available in fluorescent.

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